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Slacker Radio is optimized for the ultimate listening experience on Internet Explorer. Pin to your Windows 7 taskbar for easy access and control, with the ability to select stations, see artist information and album art all right from the taskbar. The unique personalization controls of Slacker Radio are also available when you pin the site to the taskbar so you can mark songs as favorites and ban the songs they don’t like.


Drag icon to your taskbar to pin the site

Having trouble pinning a site?

Having trouble pinning a site?

Just follow these 2 easy steps:


Why Pin this Site?

Enjoy these benefits of pinned sites, all just one click away.

Branded Controls

The Browser takes on the branding of the site including the home and navigation buttons.

Jump Lists

Go directly to the section of the site you want and even get live content through the Windows 7 Jump Lists.


Get live notifications on the taskbar when an event occurs such as a new email or friend request.

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